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Hot-dip galvanizing of welded structures

If you want to digitize any welded structure, you need to check whether the entire surface can be galvanized. If the sizes of a design allow, at first carry out welding. Galvanizing baths are quite voluminous and can accommodate products of various shapes and sizes.

When galvanizing welded products of great importance is the quality of welds and their chemical composition. In General, the structures that will be galvanized can be welded by any welding methods.

But to the process of galvanizing gave the best quality result, it is best to use the following methods of welding:

  • Semi-automatic welding with wire will not allow the flux to remain on the treated surface.
  • When using a coated electrode, the residues must be removed from the surface with a hard brush, a special machine, by grinding or shot blasting.
  • Tack welding with tungsten electrode in a gaseous environment (interto gases). In this treatment does not form slags, flux must be carefully removed.
  • In case of impossibility of use of these methods, you should use the electrode with the coating.
  • When choosing a wire for welding, it is necessary to take into account that the best quality of welding will be achieved if the chemical composition of the wire is as close as possible to the composition of the welded parts. The better the compatibility of these components, the higher the quality of subsequent galvanizing.

The appearance of the weld

For high quality and good appearance of the coating, the welding spot must be clean. A very important factor is also the chemical composition of the seam.

If there is excess silicon in the welding wire, this chemical element acts as a catalyst for the galvanizing process. As a result, the seam after galvanizing looks dark, and the coating – too thick.

If the seams are saturated with silicon from the welding wire, the coating will be thicker. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the chemical composition of welds.

Hot-dip galvanizing of welded structures

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