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Temporary elements

Hot-dip galvanizing of temporary elements

A significant number of things for successful galvanizing does not require welding of auxiliary time elements. Meet the device difficult forms in which contribute to add things to ensure the original form after hot-dip galvanizing. Steel with uneven areas is able to shrink and increase under the influence of temperatures, and this leads to deformation of the form.

Steel during galvanizing is exposed to the fluctuation of temperatures.

The use of temporary fixings affects the reduction in the frequency of distortions and deformations and helps things stay in their original form. Immediately after the galvanizing tag, temporary fixings will be removed. Nevertheless, they play an important role in ensuring the stability of the temperature regime during operation. The use of temporary mounts is preferred for devices with low cruelty. Do not worry if the thing has been deformed, as it can return to its original shape after cooling.

Time elements

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