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Technological holes during galvanizing

Technological holes for hot-dip galvanizing

Zinc coating of steel forms a resistant to various influences metallurgical bond with the base steel. Lowering of steel structures into cleaning solutions ensures reliable protection against rust of both internal and external surfaces. Making a hole in the product, further galvanized, facilitates the cleaning of the entire surface of the coating. In the future, if necessary, the holes can be sealed.

Why do we need ventilation and drain holes? Thanks to them, the air can move inside the product. The design is immersed in cleaning solutions, this helps to remove excess zinc from the holes.

Contact with cleaning solutions in overlapping surfaces leads to evaporation, if the product without the necessary ventilation holes. As a result, the crack or breakage of the product due to increased pressure.

The location of the ventilation holes is due to the rise of the product from cleaning solutions. Since it occurs at an angle, the hole must be at the highest point.

Provide good galvanizing allows the removal of cleaning solutions without resistance. Further use of metal structures will be complicated in the absence of withdrawal of excess solutions. It is profitable for you to cooperate with us. You can avoid the loss of funds due to the wrong location of drainage, excessive thickening with zinc.

Thanks to our advice on making holes, you will get the highest quality coatings:

  • Free drainage should be at the point of use of stiffeners and cut corners. If it is impossible to cut the sheets, it is necessary to make holes 15 mm closer to the corners.
  • Cutting edges, sheets and other elements by 20 mm will contribute to the direct flow of solutions.
  • You can also make some holes for 6 mm. hole Location closer to the inner corners will be easier to process drainage.

You can calculate the size of the hole or call us. We are happy to help you.

Technological holes for hot-dip galvanizing

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