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Selection of steel before galvanizing

Selection of steel for hot dip galvanizing

Zinc coating is, first of all, protection. It appears through the formation of several layers of iron alloys. The most common version of such a coating is one that takes about 50-70% of the total hot dip galvanizing.

The choice of steel is important because some of its qualitative characteristics affect the efficiency and safety of the product for which the coating is selected. While its chemical composition affects the appearance.

Some of the characteristics

  • Rough matt grey surface;
  • Thick zinc and iron alloy.

External differences do not say that such coverage is worse. It has the same properties of protection against corrosion processes as free zinc.

Below are some figures, following which, you can choose the right steel.

• Carbon - less than 0,25%

• Phosphorus - less than 0,04%

• Manganese - less than 1,35%

• Silicon - less than 0,04% or in the range from 0,15% to 0,22%

The presence of silicon in the steel depends on the manufacturer, as it is in any case present there, because it is used as an oxidizer. In addition, together with phosphorus, they contribute to the accelerated growth of a layer consisting of an alloy of zinc and iron.

Selection of steel before galvanizing

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