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Product dimensions when galvanizing

Dimensions of the product during hot-dip galvanizing

No less important factor in the creation of the project is the size of the product immersed in zinc, that is, its shape and size.

To your metal structure accurately climbed into the hot dip galvanizing, you need to know that its dimensions are: 13 m – length, 1.8 m – width, 3.2 m – depth.

Large structures, which were previously divided into component parts before processing, of course, it is more economical and more convenient for transportation.

If absolutely cannot be divided in any way, use, so-called, double immersion, that is immersed consistently. This procedure is best done after consultation with our experts before the development of the project.

Weight is also important for the lifting forces that will be used to carry metal structures. Usually it is a chain or wire. There are also special devices for lifting galvanized parts.

When designing, it is also necessary to take into account the location of the sample points, which will require the size and weight of the product.

Dimensions of galvanizing products

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