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Suspension products for hot galvanizing

In order to reduce the production cycle time and achieve the highest quality of the coating during hot-dip galvanizing it is necessary to constantly work on improving the process of hitching of the processed products.

In most cases, the hitch is a manual process, when workers are connected with wire with a diameter of 5-7 mm (thickness depends on the weight of the processed product) and hang the metal structures on the traverses.

If the products subjected to hot-dip galvanizing are small, then special devices are used for suspension.

For parts of different shapes and weights, and the method of linkage and the number of simultaneously processed products are different. After all, the quality and value of the zinc layer depends largely on the angle at which the product is immersed in the bath: the greater the angle, the higher the quality. And this angle depends on the size and geometric proportions of the product. So, for the rod of steel loading angle should not exceed 45 degrees and be at least ten degrees.

It is very important for high-quality galvanizing and the process of removing products from the traverse. Only after this is the shipment of products.

The following rules must be followed when removing items:

  • It is impossible to allow the slightest contact, to avoid blows, falls of the processed details;
  • Cooling of parts is mandatory;
  • Cables for linking the finished parts should be only fabric.

Suspension products for hot galvanizing

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