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Deformation during galvanizing

Deformation during hot-dip galvanizing

It is known that the product can be deformed during processing with zinc. This is almost inevitable, because it is worth considering at the design stage. Ideally, if the parts are similar in thickness and symmetrical metal, but the correct procedure to cope with such.

Deformation and bends occur due to the strong stress inside the product, which is immersed unevenly in the bath with molten zinc. The following few rules will help to minimize such material distortion:

  • The use of symmetrical rolling.
  • The same thickness at the joints and, preferably, on the whole product.
  • The use of temporary fasteners for thin and asymmetrical products.
  • Create the optimal radius in order to reduce stress.

On all questions of the organization of this process — hot dip galvanizing, installation of fastenings, it is possible to address to our experts.

Deformation during galvanizing

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