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Information for designers and manufacturers of steel structures

Information on hot dip galvanizing for structural designers and manufacturers

It is no secret that the creation of any metal structure begins with the design and drawing stage. At the same time, already at this stage, you should think about the corrosion protection system, because it may require changes in the design of the product. The task of the design engineer is to create a quality product that can be immersed in molten zinc and thus implement the method of hot dip galvanizing. The correct technical solution design ensures the success of the galvanizing process and, accordingly, reliable protection against corrosion. If the part, which will be subjected to hot-dip galvanizing, is designed in accordance with the relevant standards, the output is a product with high-quality zinc coating, while reducing costs, reducing the duration of the production cycle, and guaranteed the safety of employees during technological manipulations.

Information for designers and manufacturers of metal structures

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