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The restoration of the damaged or uncoated areas with the hot-dip galvanizing

Restoration of areas after damage or with no coverage

As you know, galvanized coating is known for its high resistance to friction, but the surface of the coating can still be damaged when using excessively rough and rigid processing, as well as during the installation of various metal structures and even in normal everyday conditions. It often happens that small areas of the galvanized surface are contaminated, which is impossible to remove even with thorough cleaning. That is why there are several ways that guarantee the safety of the galvanizing coating.

For steel structures we use a standard technique that provides reliable protection against corrosion and deformation when hot dip galvanizing is used three different methods to repair and finish:

  • Use of zinc-coated paints;
  • Application of coating using zinc solder;
  • The plating process from spray-applying molten zinc.

The restoration of the damaged or uncoated areas with the hot-dip galvanizing

In the process of using this method must be taken into account the specifics and features of the use of galvanized steel, as well as operating conditions for each of the above three methods. Particular importance should be given to protection against corrosion processes. Very often confuse the use of paint with zinc filling with the method of "cold galvanizing". This type of paint is perfect for repair of various metal structures, but it is worth remembering that as well as when using other types of paint should comply with the process in accordance with GOST 9.305-89, it will provide the highest performance. It is also important to remember that all three methods of repair and finishing will not give such a high result as the hot-dip galvanizing process.

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