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Paint on zinc. How to paint a galvanized surface?

Zinc coating painting

It is known that products with a galvanized surface are highly resistant to wear, and yet damage to the surface can occur when performing a very deep processing, PI installation and during operation. Sometimes there are small areas on uncoated products, this is due to the presence of invisible contaminants on the surface, which could not be cleaned.

Special available methods ensure the integrity of the entire coating during hot-dip galvanizing. In the process of repair of uncoated and damaged areas of the coating is made using hot-dip galvanizing three known methods:

  • Use of zinc-filled paints;
  • Application of zinc solder coating;
  • Metallizing spraying molten zinc.

Zinc coating painting

Each of the methods and the process of tint should be considered separately. The most important point is corrosion protection, taking into account operating conditions, based on many other technical data. The use of paints with zinc filling is often confused with the procedure of "cold galvanizing". They can be used in the case of repair robots and for tint, just as in the application of other types of paints, it is necessary to adhere to the conditions of preparation and surface treatment, which allows to achieve the highest final result. It is worth noting that the use of any of the recovery methods does not guarantee a high degree of protection against corrosion processes, in comparison with hot dip galvanizing in molten zinc.

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