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How to get rid of the white coating galvanized surfaces?

What helps to get rid of white plaque

At the very beginning of the treatment process, to get rid of the white plaque, the method of drying the surface of the galvanized. If there is a white coating on the surface, the corrosion process will continue to operate and will further damage the main steel and the galvanized surface itself.

After the procedure of drying the galvanized surface, further processing will depend on the white coating area. After a little drying, the product itself should be left outdoors. So white plaque turns into zinc, this is due to the reaction to carbon dioxide, which is contained in the air. With a limited air flow, the plaque is removed with a rigid wire or nylon brush.

How to get rid of the white coating galvanized surfaces?

How to prevent the formation of zinc coating

On the galvanized coating may be present white plaque heavy and medium degree, which must be removed, in order to avoid the formation of zinc coating, as this significantly affects the life of the product, zinc coating and steel. The plaque is removed with a wire or nylon hard brush, after which it is necessary to process it with a special washing solution. After that, the zinc coating thickness is measured, which allows you to accurately determine the strength of the coating on the steel product. In some cases, heavy and medium plaque may turn black, which means that the steel should be re-galvanized.

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