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Interesting about zinc

1. Zinc prevents further destruction. Damage of the galvanized coating causes corrosion, but it damages only the zinc layer, keeping the steel intact.

2. The melting point of zinc is 420°C, boiling point 907°.

3. Zinc includes 0,004% of the earth crust.

4. Zinc is on the 27th place among all the chemical elements in the earth interior.

5. The body of a healthy middle-aged man contains 1.4-2.3 grams of zinc.

6. Zinc is important for the proper growth of children and for the health of adults.

7. Zinc reduces the rate of visual impairment, maintaining and improving it.

8. Zinc is in the second place, behind the iron, by the amount of content in the human bod.

9. Zinc boosts immunity, helps cells grow, regulates appetite and promotes rapid healing of wounds.

10. Zinc ointment is able to relieve itching from insect bites and protects the skin of the lips and body.

11. Zinc is in the last place in the top three on the use of non-ferrous metals.

12. Zinc can be reused, thus more than 80% of zinc is recycled.

13. Zinc coating is used for corrosion protection of steel and iron products.

14. Zinc coating provides the increase of service life of a middle class car - 8 kg of zinc is used for corrosion protection, 9 kg – for casting zinc parts on the handle and lock, 0, 23 kg – for the safety of rubber of each tire.

15. Since zinc-coated products have a long service life, up to 100 years, the main part of zinc produced in the past decades is still used, which means that there are stable reserves of zinc.

16. Zinc saves up to 6 times more energy per 1 kg than other cellular systems, that allows to improve electric cars. Thus, the use of zinc-air batteries allowed the car to move at a speed of 200 km/h.

17. Zinc and copper compounds give brass or yellow copper.

Zinc | Facts

Zinc as a component of a healthy life

Zinc is necessary for a human throughout his life. It is found in soil, plants, animals and food. Each cell of the human body depends on the content of zinc in it.

Zinc is important for a human to be able to smell and taste, as well as for the optimal functioning of the immune system. This chemical element has a therapeutic and protective effect on the skin and increases the speed of brain activity.

The interaction of zinc and steel

The most important advantage of zinc is its protective function. The element is able to protect against corrosion any steel structures, thereby extending their service life and justifying the money spent on such protection. The service life of galvanized coating is from 70 to 150 year.

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