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Zinc ✔ Metal, properties and application

What is zinc?

Zinc is leading element for hot-dip galvanizing with silver or blue-grey colour. This element is suitable for reuse.

Zinc is on the 27th place among all the chemical elements in the earth interior. Zinc is found in water and air, earth and biosphere. More than 5.8 million tons of this element is constantly in interaction with the environment – plants and animals, precipitation and natural phenomena.

Zinc metal

Zinc is the most important element in the life of any organism. Each creature depends on the content of zinc, because it affects certain metabolic processes.

In addition, zinc is included in the products of daily use: cosmetics, tires, medicines and various creams. It is worth noting that zinc oxide protects against UV light better than other components of the sun protection cream.

Zinc is also used in construction. For more than 150 years, this coating has been used as corrosion protection. Recent years show that the pure metal with galvanizing is used even in the cladding of roofing and panel structures.

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