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Hot-dip galvanizing Shadrinsk: features of the procedure

Hot-dip galvanizing Shadrinsk

The procedure of hot-dip galvanizing has not lost its popularity for several centuries. Treatment of iron and steel with hot zinc is used throughout the industrial production of steel structures. This coating gives unprecedented durability and reliability to the parts. Despite this popularity, it is necessary to choose the right specialists who will be able to provide the procedure of hot dip galvanizing in Shadrinsk.

Professional approach-the key to quality coverage

Our company works with the largest plant in Shadrinsk. We carry out processing of iron and steel elements, as well as bolts, nuts, fasteners and washers. For each element, an individual approach is used, which ensures maximum quality of the final result. The latest technologies are used in the work. In tandem with the standard coating scheme, the industrial procedure is fast and all risks of damage or poor performance are minimized. Long-term experience is confirmed by wide partnership and official cooperation with the industrial enterprises of the country.
To understand the essence of the procedure hot dip galvanizing in Shadrinsk, it is necessary to study the stages and characteristics of processing.

Hot-dip galvanizing Shadrinsk

What is hot-dip galvanizing

The main working component in the treatment of steel and iron is zinc, or rather the interaction of Zn with oxygen, and then a reaction with carbon dioxide, followed by the formation of zinc carbonate. The final material is Matt grey, hard enough to protect the parts from corrosion, mechanical damage and environmental damage. The melting point of zinc-460 degrees Celsius. The liquid material is placed in a special ceramic bath, where in the future and will fall parts and structures. Small parts are placed in a special rotating drum, which provides maximum coverage on all sides. The advantage of hot-dip galvanizing is a significant cost savings, as well as the result of high quality. If we talk about the technical characteristics, they are as follows: the durability of the result reaches 120 years in a suburban environment. The thickness of the zinc coating - from 45 to 65 microns.

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