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Hot-dip galvanizing Salavat

Hot-dip galvanizing Salavat

The procedure of immersion of metal or steel in a red-hot chemical composition is known for a long time. It was first used in France in the late 18th century. The chemist Jean Paul Malouin was able to get a layer of zinc on the surface of the metal part. The procedure has become popular, the method – patented a few decades later. Following France, knowledge of the processing of steel products spread to Germany, Eastern Europe. Today, hot-dip galvanizing technology is widespread. Salavat makes it possible to perform processing according to all recognized standards, obtaining a quality product.

The method is used by construction, industrial companies in need of reliable protection of the material from the effects of water, mechanical damage. The technology has undeniable advantages:

  • increases the strength of the part. Minor mechanical damage does not cause significant damage to the material-zinc has the ability to self-repair;
  • high rates of thermal conductivity and energy conductivity are maintained;
  • high corrosion resistance;
  • the procedure has a lower cost compared to similar methods;
  • the technology is fully automated. The risk of error or violation of the processing algorithm is reduced to zero.

Hot-dip galvanizing Salavat

The process of hot-dip galvanizing in Salavat is quite simple. The most difficult stage is the initial stage of preparation. Start processing products preferably with degreasing. To obtain a smooth surface of the metal, it is necessary to remove the remains of oils, synthetic compounds. Perform purification by means of acids, alkalis. The next step is etching. Bath filled with hydrochloric acid perfectly removes rust, scale. The acid also has a negative effect on the structure of the steel, corroding the surface. Preventing the destruction of the parts require a thorough cleaning. It is necessary to wash off the remains of the reagent, dirt. The final stage is fluxing. The flux solution is applied to the part, forming a film. The film improves the quality of the subsequent adhesion of the zinc melt and the product.

It is important to dry the metal structure well so that there are no water droplets on the product – the liquid can cause uneven application of the zinc mixture.

The part is placed inside the rotating drum. Directly together with the drum, the product is immersed in a ceramic bath filled with 98% zinc solution. It is not necessary to withstand more than 10 minutes – zinc slags are formed on the surface. After removing the slag, it is additionally necessary to dry the metal.

Use parts treated in this way is allowed in road, urban construction. Housewares, pots, pots enhance zinc composition.

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