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Hot-dip galvanizing of steel structures Chelyabinsk

The method of dipping a steel structure or sheet into molten zinc first appeared in France in the late 18th century. Gradually the technology spread to the East of Europe. Today galvanizing is a simple and budget way to process metal and protect it from corrosion.

The process of steel processing is really simple, but requires careful preparation. The degree of adhesion of the composition to the structure of the material depends on the quality of the surface. Hot-dip galvanizing of steel structures Chelyabinsk conducts a multi-stage system. Preparation includes several stages:

  • fat removal;
  • washing;
  • acid etching;
  • washing;
  • application of flux.

Degreasing is necessary for purification from oil, synthetic compounds. Alkaline solutions are widely used at this stage of preparation. The choice of cleaning agent depends on the type of contamination. The process gives the best quality result at a temperature of 60-80 degrees.

Hot-dip galvanizing of steel structures Chelyabinsk

The next step – washing-is necessary to remove foam residues, reagents, fat.

Etching - the process of cleaning of scale, rust. Etching is carried out with the help of hydrochloric acid, which provides a shiny, smooth surface and dissolving iron chlorides. It is the smooth cleaned surface that is necessary for high-quality adhesion of the melt to the metal structure.

It should be remembered-hydrochloric acid corrodes both rust and the product itself. To prevent the destruction of the parts should be carried out additional washing, allowing to remove the remnants of the etching solution.

Washing forms iron oxides on the surface of the steel sheet. Can they be removed at the stage of glosowanie. Stage allows you to finally clean the surface, to create a film that greatly facilitates the imposition of anti-corrosion composition. Prevention of oxidation, subsequent wetting of the product-auxiliary functions of the fluxing stage.

Immerse immediately after glosowanie in zinc, therefore, to stimulate the evaporation of the remaining surface water. Emerging micro-explosions cause the appearance of bare areas, not covered with the composition, poor adhesion to the structure of the metal. It is necessary to thoroughly dry using a drying oven heated to 100 degrees.

After the end of the preparatory operations, you can start hot-dip galvanizing of metal structures. In Chelyabinsk, this stage is carried out using ceramic containers filled with hot chemical solution up to 450 degrees. It is necessary to choose the right speed of immersion-the speed directly affects the melting of the flux, the adhesion to the metal. The product is recommended to be kept in a container with zinc for 3-10 minutes. The rise of the bath should start with the removal of the resulting slag.

Only observing the intricacies of processing ensures high quality results.

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