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Hot-dip galvanizing Naberezhnye Chelny

Hot-dip galvanizing Naberezhnye Chelny

Metal processing, preservation of its properties, increase in service life interested since the middle of the 18th century. The first method of protection of steel against corrosion and harmful effects was invented. Today, the method of holding the metal in the zinc melt is applicable in many areas, primarily construction and industry:

  • any products of private construction are necessarily processed to extend the period of use - window tides, water pipe, mesh fencing;
  • urban construction is no exception. All structures regularly exposed to moisture should be protected from rusting: drainage pipes, stair railings.
  • household utensils are not less prone to damage. Zinc strengthens the mixture of metal pans, tanks, pipes;
  • power lines, bridge supports, radio towers significantly increase productivity after melt treatment.

The high popularity of the method provided numerous advantages:

  • high level corrosion resistance;
  • no need to invest a large amount of money in processing;
  • easy maintenance of structures;
  • the high strength of the products;
  • even after the violation of the integrity of the coating zinc mixture can self-repair, preventing the destruction of the base metal;
  • good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.

Hot-dip galvanizing Naberezhnye Chelny

To obtain the best possible result, it is recommended to take into account the features of the procedure. Products allowed for hot-dip galvanizing in Naberezhnye Chelny are limited in size by the dimensions of the ceramic bath, where the prepared part is immersed. Small steel elements should not be overloaded with an additional layer of zinc. Large parts cannot be completely placed in a ceramic container.

During the processing of products should pay special attention to the parts of the parts with thread and bolts. They are more prone to corrosion. Thoroughly coat the threads of the zinc is difficult.

To strengthen a metalwork by means of such method as hot-dip galvanizing Naberezhnye Chelny give the chance completely automated, with use of the modern equipment. Qualification of the employee does not play a decisive role – each process is performed in a special machine.

The cost of the procedure remains the lowest among similar operations. Yet the price varies. At a full complex of services, including drying of the galvanized product and confirmation of compliance of quality of work to GOST, the price will be higher. Check the thickness and strength of the coating can be independently using a hammer or steel cutter.

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