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Hot-dip galvanizing in Kurgan region

Hot-dip galvanizing Kurgan region

Anti-corrosion coating of metal products for industrial purposes is a common practice. Methods of protection of metal-a set, the most popular of them - hot galvanizing (Kurgan region). We offer high-quality processing of steel and iron products with liquid zinc.

Why the need for hot-dip galvanizing?

Hot-dip galvanizing in the Kurgan region gives the parts and metal structures reliability and resistance to the negative effects of the environment, corrosion and damage. For example, precipitation and their salts, over time, corrode the metal, launching an irreversible process of destruction. To prevent this, and the service life of the elements to extend, applied to the surface of the parts is applied zinc carbonate. Gray matte substance is obtained by the reaction of pure zinc and oxygen, forming zinc oxide,and the next step with carbon dioxide is formed ready corrosion inhibitor. The melting point of zinc-460 degrees Celsius. It is placed in a special ceramic bath, where the design is dipped. If process bolts, washers and other small details, them place in a special drum which provides uniform galvanizing. The average thickness of the coating - from 45 to 65 microns. According to authoritative experts, the shelf life of the treated parts with hot zinc reaches 120 years. You can be sure that during this period, corrosion will not destroy any fasteners.

Hot-dip galvanizing in the Kurgan region

Advantages of proven companies

Despite the fact that the procedure of hot dip galvanizing is quite common in the industrial environment and construction, it is necessary to take a serious approach to the choice of firms that carry out such a procedure. today, our firm offers implementation of high-quality procedure of hot galvanizing. We are trusted by the largest plant in the region. Long-term experience allows to speak about high professionalism and quality. The company is equipped with modern professional equipment and consumables that have documents confirming compliance with GOST. In the treatment process are followed exactly the steps in the procedure. This guarantees the quality of performance and long-term service life of any product.

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