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Hot-dip galvanizing of metal supports

Plant “EZI” offers its clients reliable protection for steel structures from the aggressive effects of the environment. In our catalog you can find support mountains. zinc, the lifetime of which reaches after processing more than 30 years. In this case, the product does not require special care or any restoration actions.

The galvanizing process takes place in accordance with all European standards, which guarantees high quality and durability of the structure. When cleaning material is applied surface-active substance. At the next stage, the product is etched, washed and processed with flux.

Our company uses modern processing equipment, thanks to which the product is covered with a protective layer by diffusion — the process of joining materials at the atomic level. This creates a reliable film with a thickness of 40 to 250 microns, depending on the wishes of the customer.

Metal (steel) processing takes place in a zinc solution at a temperature above 400°C. it is under such conditions that the chemical reaction is most active, and the metal penetrates even the most inaccessible places and is firmly fixed to the surface of the product.

Support hot zinc

Galvanizing of supports-cheap and practical

When using conventional paint as a protective layer, it should be taken into account that during the operation of the product, a repeated update of the layer (usually more than 3 times) is required. With a small number of supports, this disadvantage is not significant, but on an industrial scale it is fraught with large financial losses.

For 30 years the mainstay of the mountains. zinc will return the cost of processing to the owner many times, and if the maintenance recommendations and all the requirements and standards of the procedure are observed, the metal structure serves up to 80 years, which will cover the costs more than 5 times. It is thanks to the efficiency and economy of this method of protection has long gained popularity.

Electrochemical protection

In addition to the basic task — protection against the formation of corrosion centers, galvanizing contributes to resistance to electrochemical effects. Zinc coating is restored with minor mechanical damage.

For large mechanical damage from heavy physical exertion, the coating is destroyed and the protective function of the supports of the mountains. zinc is transferred to the buffer layer — an alloy of the protective layer and the product.

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