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Hot-dip galvanizing in concrete

Hot-dip galvanizing in concrete

The first and one of the most basic functions of such structures is strengthening the strength of concrete. Concrete-a material having a porous structure with certain properties. When interacting with external destroyers, such as water or oxygen, cracks are formed, and corrosion processes reach and supporting concrete metal structures. Because it is so important that the bearing mounts were reliably protected from such harmful effects.

Protection against corrosion of this type in the reinforcement fasteners of concrete will last a very long time. This is due to several factors: a high chloride content (up to four times, when compared with bare steel), a greater pH range of formation, which reduces the risk of carbonation during the aging of concrete. The interaction of zinc with concrete releases hydrogen, it is insoluble, which gives an additional protective film.

Statistics tell us that zinc structures are perfectly preserved in tandem with concrete for a large amount of time.

Hot-dip galvanizing in concrete

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