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Hot-dip galvanized steel at different temperatures

Application of hot-dip galvanized metal structures at different temperatures

Galvanized coatings are resistant to different temperatures. According to the results of experiments, it was found that at low temperature coating, hot-galvanized, has undergone minor deformation. Thus, it is proved that the coating does not change its properties at temperatures below — 40ºC. Plants that are equipped with galvanized steel to protect against corrosion, used for a long time, even in extreme cold conditions.

The maximum temperature for a long and permanent impact on the coating is — 200ºC. Exposure to high temperatures on a regular basis leads to a violation of the zinc layer attachment to the main product, but despite this deformation, the zinc layer retains corrosion resistance for a long time. It is permissible to use galvanized coating in conditions with temperature conditions ranging from — 200ºC to — 250ºC. At a temperature of — 250 º C increase the rate of peeling layers of galvanized iron, and therefore the use of this temperature is undesirable.

Hot-dip galvanized steel

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