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Galvanizing of power supports - advantages

Why power supports need to be covered with zinc?

Structures made of wood and reinforced concrete, used for strengthening, today do not meet modern standards. They not only do not meet the requirements of strength and quality, but also cause difficulty at work, because the supports are heavy and not plastic.

But how to do without the necessary props? We need to replace them with modern metal supports. They are easy to shape, unlike reinforced concrete are lightweight and more durable than wooden structures. Despite all the advantages, the main and significant disadvantage is the appearance of corrosion, which can destroy the support. Therefore, the support must be protected and the best way to increase the resistance is the hot-dip galvanizing of the power supports.

Metal galvanizing process

Being constantly under sediments, the structure of iron weakens and cracks appear, and after the hole, which lead to the fall of structures. Zinc is applied on top of the metal, enhancing the technical properties of iron and prolonging its service life.

Metal beams are lowered into a bath filled with hot zinc. Between the metal begins to flow of the active chemical reaction is called diffusion. During galvanizing power supports atoms of one metal penetrate into the structure of another, forming a strong connection.

This process creates a layered structure of zinc and iron. In other words, a zinc film is formed, which protects the metal from destruction.

Zinc also has the ability to break down, but its main advantage is the ability to recover from mechanical stress, and then continues to protect the metal surface from the environment.

Galvanizing of power supports

The galvanizing process can be divided into the following stages:

  • Cleaning of the product from fats, impurities, rust, etc.
  • Immersion of the metal structure in a bath with molten zinc (solution temperature should be kept around 450°C).
  • Formation of zinc film on the product (thickness can vary from 50 to 250 microns).
  • Drying the structure.

If all the rules of procedure are observed, the service life of the product is repeatedly increased and is up to 30 years. In this case, the support does not require special care.

Galvanizing of metal structures from EZI

Our company "EZI" for many years protects metal products from corrosion due to galvanizing of power supports. If you have any questions, our managers will provide you with advice.

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