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Hot-dip galvanizing ⌛ Coating lifetime

Hot-dip galvanized coating lifetime

Hot-dip galvanizing is intended for corrosion protection of steel independently of environmental conditions. Thanks to this it’s durable for decades and doesn’t require additional maintenance. Hot-dip galvanizing is resistant against corrosion and depends on the operation conditions. Corrosion rate is 1/30 to unprotected steel being in the same conditions.

Measuring of coating weakness level is important that guarantees good indicators aiming to define the rest of lifetime until required maintenance. It’s linked with the ability of zinc to start corrosion on the surface. The elements starting this process in zinc are insoluble that is why the speed of corrosion starts to slow down within the time.

Hot-dip galvanizing coating lifetime

What can affect the lifetime of galvanized coating?

The galvanized coating thickness defines the resistance against corrosion and the condition of environment causes effects for its changeability.
Environmental impact on galvanized coating occurs in varying degrees. If there is a budget planned for preventive maintenance, the predictability of coating lifetime is of great importance.

The steel subjected to the hot-dip galvanizing can resist various corrosion factors independently on the following factors:

  • If the metal structures subjected to hot-dip galvanizing are used in atmosphere;
  • If the ultra violet rays, snow or other atmospheric condensation affect;
  • If they are immersed into the water;
  • If they are operating into concrete, soil or other environments.

For additional information regarding hot-dip galvanizing lifetime please contact our company experts.

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