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The thickness of the coating mountains of zinc metal

The thickness of the coating of hot zinc

In the manufacture of metal structures and hardware, special attention is paid to their protection against corrosion. This is an important issue and needs to be addressed before using the product. Zinc coating is a popular method. It is created by various methods, but for the manufacture of critical parts often used hot method. It is based on dipping the product into a molten solution with zinc. As a result, the thickness of the hot zinc coating can change significantly.

Service life of galvanized products

The method of hot-dip galvanizing allows to obtain a coating of different sizes. Most often this figure is in the range of 15-200 microns. The service life is approximately 50 years. Depending on the operating conditions, the service life varies. On industrial terms, the coating will be able to withstand up to 65 years, but in the country, more favorable conditions, up to 120 years.

Before the procedure is required to carry out preparatory work. The technological process includes the following main stages:

  • preparation;
  • zinc-plating;
  • check.

To create a large thickness of hot zinc coating requires longer to hold the structure in the molten and heated to +450C composition. You should also make the right preparations.

The thickness of the coating of hot zinc

The basic preparatory procedures

  • Sand blasting;
  • Application of alkali and acid;
  • Degreasing with the elimination of oil stains, grease and dirt.

If you properly prepare, it will be the key to obtaining a reliable and durable metal product. Thanks to these steps, the coating is also provided evenly. Zinc interacts equally with metal and creates a layer with the same physical properties:

  • thickness;
  • the color of the coating;
  • uniformity;
  • resistance to corrosion and chipping.

It is these indicators that are strictly checked by OTC specialists.

Collaborates with professionals

Only with us you can order the service processing hot-dipped zinc. Thanks to the specialized equipment and strict observance of technological process the homogeneous covering without defects and the set thickness turns out.

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