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Hot-dip galvanizing of metal structures in Novosibirsk is performed by professionals

Hot-dip galvanizing of metal structures in Novosibirsk

Metal products, despite the high reliability of their manufacture, undergo changes over time. Cracks, stains of chemical origin can form on the surface, destruction will begin or traces of rust and corrosion will be formed. For this purpose, a special protective coating is applied to the parts, which can extend the life of metal products. There are many techniques to protect the part from unpleasant consequences. One of the most common is considered hot-dip galvanizing of metal structures in Novosibirsk. This popularity is due to the high quality of the final result. For example, the element treated with zinc, under the correct operating conditions, is able to serve for about 120 years, even as a fastener. Although the galvanizing procedure has been known for a long time, its relevance is not lost. Our company in the performance of such work guarantees high quality, which is confirmed by the professional factories that we work with, they trust there is such a time consuming and complicated process.

The importance of seeking professional advice

Performing this work is a very important operation, because when processing hot-dip galvanizing metal structures in Novosibirsk, even a small area, it is required to heat up to 460 degrees. Hot zinc at extreme temperatures is contained in specialized baths, where products requiring treatment are gradually lowered. Unfortunately, some unprofessional specialists violate the implementation of technology, resulting in shortcomings. Our company guarantees conscientious performance of all actions in the shortest possible time. Processed by hot-dip galvanizing metal structures have increased reliability and durability, and their service life is significantly extended.

Hot-dip galvanizing of metal structures in Novosibirsk

Advantages and methods of galvanizing

The procedure of hot-dip galvanizing on metal structures refers to serious industrial activities of products with anti - corrosion coating-zinc carbonate. Professional companies receive it as a result of several chemical reactions. Initially, when interacting with oxygen, zinc oxide is obtained, which then, in reaction with carbon dioxide, it is transformed into an anticorrosive substance - zinc carbonate. The resulting material is characterized by a gray tint and when applied is able to protect metal products from corrosion, as well as other negative external influences.

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