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Hot-dip galvanizing technology in Sverdlovsk region

Hot-dip galvanizing in the world practice has long been practiced by various plants and enterprises. Modern technologies and the use of innovative materials allow for high-quality and efficient hot-dip galvanizing of the metal. The main advantages of this technology are high corrosion resistance and strength of metal structures.

Stages of surface preparation for galvanizing

In order to apply to our company for this service, you need to understand what is hot-dip galvanizing in Sverdlovsk region, how this process is carried out.

When starting hot-dip galvanizing, the metal must be completely cleaned. To do this, our specialists immerse the metal in a special bathroom, where it goes through three stages:

  • degreasing;
  • etching;
  • fluxing.

Degreasing involves the process of immersing the structure in a solution of acid origin, after which the preparation for the second stage of galvanizing. By immersion in hydrochloric acid, the surface is etched and all oxides and rust are removed. Fluxing, drying and preheating are the final preparation of the surface for loading the metal into zinc.

Hot-dip galvanizing in Sverdlovsk region

Why hot-dip galvanizing?

When the metal is immersed, several stages of galvanizing are taken into account:

  • heat exchange at the base of the part;
  • destruction in the melt of flux;
  • dive speed.

Since the thickness of the coating depends on the residence time of the metal in the zinc solution, when removing the metal structure, we take into account the thickness of the coating, controlling the immersion time. After extraction, we proceed to the process of cooling the structure, checking the surface and the quality of galvanizing.

With the help of special modern equipment, our specialists perform their work with the highest rates. Turning to us, you will receive a full consultation on hot dip galvanizing in the Sverdlovsk region. Favorable offers, efficiency, and most importantly affordable price will not leave you indifferent. Please contact our consultants for help, and we will confidently and effectively fulfill your order.

Work with professionals

We have brought the technology of hot-dip galvanizing to perfection and are rightly proud of it. They deserved an impeccable reputation, acquired a large base of loyal customers who are satisfied that they chose us as a reliable performer.

Leave a request for hot-dip galvanizing, and we will answer all your questions, discuss the terms of cooperation and be sure to find a mutually beneficial option. Trust our professionalism!

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