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Hot-dip galvanized in Polevskoy - safe and GOST

Hot-dip galvanizing of metal structures in Polevskoy

Modern technologies allow us to create reliable structures of metal alloys, which, with a lot of positive qualities, have a rather serious drawback – the susceptibility to corrosion. Processing products using paints and varnishes gives only a temporary effect, so experts recommend to connect to the production of hot-dip galvanizing.

Features of the procedure

Hot-dip galvanizing of metal structures (Polevskoy) is performed on a specially equipped site, in full compliance with the standards established in GOST 9.307-89. The technology involves several stages of processing, each of which is distinguished by its importance and requires a lot of attention from specialists.

First of all, each metal part is thoroughly degreased with the use of modern means. Properly constructed process allows to eliminate all problem areas and create an ideal surface for further galvanizing. If the treated elements already have corrosion foci, they are completely eliminated during the subsequent procedure of etching with hydrochloric acid.

Subsequent operations involve direct contact of metal elements with active substances. The processes are associated with high temperatures, so they are carried out in production shops equipped with all means of safety. Our specialists control each stage and check the ready-made elements for compliance with all requirements.

Hot-dip galvanizing of metal structures in Polevskoye

Beneficial cooperation

Implementation of hot-dip galvanizing of metal structures in Polevskoy has a number of advantages. From a technical point of view, customers receive parts that are completely ready for use in different conditions. Full galvanizing increases the shelf life of products up to 25-30 years and makes them as resistant to corrosion, regardless of the environment in which they will be mounted in the future.

The technology has long established itself as the most optimal, so our company offers services for galvanizing different types of metal structures. The new equipment allows us to minimize the processing time and also set the most affordable price in the region.

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