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HOT-DIP galvanized in Perm - specificity and sequencing

Hot-dip galvanizing of metal structures in Perm

The technique, known in the late 18th century and patented in the early 19th century is actively used in industry and now. We are talking about the hot galvanizing of metal structures in Perm, when a protective zinc layer is applied to the metal after immersion of the product in a bath heated to 460 degrees C. there Is a chain of chemical reactions, as a result of which zinc carbonate appears - a substance of gray color, without gloss. This coating is a reliable protection of the metal-it becomes corrosion resistant.

This method is beneficial in terms of financial investment, is available, its reliability during operation is time-tested. Serve such products for more than a century.

Specifics of step-by-step galvanizing technology

The technological process of hot-dip galvanizing of metal structures in Perm is the use of a line that combines several baths. Among them is the capacity for preparatory manipulation of the dryer. The procedure includes the following steps:

  • degreasing - for this purpose use a special reagent;
  • washing;
  • to get rid of rust and scale - etching with p-RA hydrochloric acid;
  • washing;
  • fluxing.

The preparatory process involves placing the product in the oven for drying at a temperature of plus one hundred degrees C. After that, the design is sent suspended on consoles to the bathroom, where the zinc is in the molten state. Its quality and grade of steel construction directly affect such indicators as the rate of immersion/withdrawal and the duration of the process. Then the product is sent to be cooled on a special site (it can be combined with the Department of technical control).

Hot-dip galvanizing requires high-quality ventilation and ventilation of the room, the use of aspiration systems for the effective removal of zinc vapor and hydrochloric acid. This makes it possible to protect the equipment of the industrial zone from the negative effects of corrosion. Service systems employees work in respirators and uniforms.

Hot-dip galvanizing of metal structures in Perm

Hot-dip galvanizing materials

The technology of the galvanizing process provides for the use of materials such as aqueous ammonia or aluminum/Nickel sulphate, potassium fluoride or hydrogen peroxide, ammonium nitrate. In addition, it is possible to use thiourea or glycerin, gelatin (technical) or two-layered tin.

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