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Hot-dip galvanizing in Bashkortostan from proven and reliable performers

Hot-dip galvanizing in Bashkortostan

The hot-dip galvanizing procedure is based on the immersion of the steel structure in a special zinc-based solution. Pre-heated composition, which provides a chemical reaction. The required heating temperature is + 450°C. This procedure is quite simple and convenient. It is carried out by proven industrial companies. From a special zinc coating. After the processing of the check of coverage is carried out quickly by the experts from TCI. The thickness of the layer can vary between 7-20 microns.

The urgency of galvanizing

Due to the fact that corrosion is formed within 9 microns per year, hot-dip galvanizing in Bashkortostan is the most profitable. The protective layer appears as a result of the formation of an alloy of iron and zinc. This process will not only prevent corrosion, but also significantly improve the performance of the product. Among the main features can be identified:

  • aesthetic and beautiful appearance;
  • wear resistance;
  • increase of tensile strength;
  • resistance to mechanical and chemical effects.

In case of steel, you receive a scratch or deep cut, the zinc surrounding the defect, together corrodes steel. The appearance of the corrosion product becomes a kind of sealant. Due to hot-dip galvanizing in Bashkortostan it is possible to monitor the integrity of the structure and individual elements. At this time, other layers of protection can only mask defects, which leads to serious consequences.

Hot-dip galvanizing in Bashkortostan

What is the peculiarity of zinc treatment?

Adequate thickness of the formed layer, adhesion strength and simple manipulations with the processed products are excellent characteristics. In practice, the layer formed most often does not exceed 100 microns. The greater the thickness of the exposure layer will be more. The main advantages include:

  • reliability. Zinc solution enters all cracks, corners and parts of the metal structure. This is a great option for additional processing for complex products;;
  • the simplicity of the process. Following the technology, you can perform the procedure quickly by automating;
  • low price. For galvanizing does not require a lot of money, but the validity of the protective layer exceeds 20 years;
  • short lead time. Preparation, execution and drying is very fast.
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