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Galvanizing - price per ton (from 22 000), kg and m2

Galvanizing price per ton, kg and m2

Despite the fact that in all parts of the world the process of galvanizing is not much different, yet prices can vary greatly depending on the location, plant, volume and complexity of the product.

So, road barriers can cost as 30 thousand rubles per ton, and 40 thousand, and power lines and similar metal structures - from 35 thousand to 45 per ton. And galvanizing of a lattice flooring will cost not less than forty thousand. Reinforcing mesh will cost about 45 thousand, and finned pipe - 40 thousand per ton.

Small products up to one kilogram each will cost from 40 000 to 50 000 rubles per ton. However, if each product weighs about two to five kilograms, the average price per ton will be about 30-35 thousand rubles.

But the most expensive in the list will be electrical products. With the weight of each about one kilogram per ton will have to pay at least 45 thousand, and from 2 kilograms - 37 000, more than 5 kg - 35 000 thousand per ton.

Usually the metal is measured in tons or kilograms, less often in square meters.

Hot-dip galvanizing from 22 rubles per 1 kg

Hot-dip galvanizing from 22 rubles per 1 kg

It is also worth to pay such a lot of important pricing factor as the method of galvanizing. So at the moment there are four ways:

  • Main course;
  • Cold;
  • Galvanic;
  • Thermodiffusion.

Hot-dip galvanizing is the most common today, as the metal that has undergone such treatment becomes durable and heat-resistant. Cold is simple and cheap, and galvanic significantly increases the service life of the structure. Thermal diffusion is used mainly for small metal parts such as bolts or washers. So cold is the cheapest kind of galvanizing, thermal diffusion will hit the purse of the maker more than others.

Perhaps these figures will seem to you not so small, and this procedure is not so cheap and necessary, but galvanizing will justify any investment.

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