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Galvanizing of metal structures - prices and cost ↓

Galvanizing of metal structures at a favorable price

Despite the need for meticulous and scrupulous compliance with all the rules of galvanizing metal during the process of applying a layer of zinc, as a rule, the price for the finished product does not exceed a quarter of all production costs, which indicates the economy and availability of the procedure, although currently galvanized structures are required in many industries:

  • Energy, where galvanizing is necessary for power transmission system
  • Road construction with all kinds of metal structures
  • Communication is carried out thanks to the metal radio masts and antennas
  • Industrial and residential construction, which uses metal frames and fittings.

Also galvanized metal has such advantages as heat resistance, possible regeneration after minor damage, resistance to corrosion. On the design after the procedure, there is a matte finish, opposed to to scratches. It is also worth noting that the process of galvanizing is easily controlled and tested, which makes the procedure faster and less time-consuming.

Galvanizing of metal structures - prices and cost

Also galvanizing is divided into hot, cold, thermal diffusion and galvanic. Hot-dip galvanizing is used when it is necessary to achieve special strength and increase the life of the product, and galvanic is used only when it is necessary to achieve a smooth surface. Cold is characterized by the simplicity of the process, but many consumers note the lack of strength of the metal that has passed through cold galvanizing. Thermodiffusion methods are also used when it is necessary to achieve a layer of zinc in 20 microns.

Zinc plating is one of the most environmentally friendly and cheap processes in modern industry, which is currently dominated by malicious production.

The prices on the plating metal may vary depending on the region, the plant,the type of metal, the size and complexity of the product, because to achieve the full effect of galvanizing requires the penetration of zinc into all the cavities of the structure. The average price in the country is twenty-five thousand per ton. However, if in one place you can offer galvanizing of one ton of protections for twenty thousand, at other enterprise you should lay out all thirty.

Perhaps galvanizing may not seem so cheap and simple process that requires considerable costs, but believe me, the result will meet all expectations and all invested funds.

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