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Galvanizing of metal structures price - cost ↓

Galvanizing of metal structures price

Metal is the most common material in industry and construction. Steel products are used in the manufacture of household utensils. Metal utensils, basins, pipes must be treated.

The construction uses a metal almost everywhere. Power lines or bridges, radio towers, electrical wires are exposed to regular corrosion and need reliable protection. Elements of urban infrastructure-railing stairs, metal pipes at the heart of public transport stops or playgrounds – are made of steel.

Such a broad application leads to the incessant search of ways of processing and protection of metal. The most ancient technology – the zinc coating. Today, galvanizing is applicable in dozens of Russian cities. Galvanizing of metal structures, the price of which depends primarily on the completeness and quality of the procedure, is usually performed in several stages.

First of all, a thorough preparation of the product for the application of zinc. The surface should be as smooth and clean as possible. For purification solutions of alkalis and acids are used. The reagents remove oil residues, rust, scale and dirt from the metal structure. However, some concentrated acids are able to destroy the structure of the metal. Thorough washing is necessary.

Galvanizing of metal structures price

After the preparatory procedures, the metal is covered with zinc. It can be hot liquid zinc (as in hot dip galvanizing) or spraying (used in thermal diffusion method). In the case of galvanic galvanizing, the metal is immersed in a salt solution, and then – inside the drum. Electrochemical reactions take place in the drum and the steel is covered with the thinnest layer of zinc. Zinc lies so thin that the protective layer is unreliable. Galvanic method is most often used for decorative purposes. The electrochemical reaction changes the color of the surface to white matte, blue glossy or rainbow. Cold galvanizing involves applying a mixture of zinc on a flat surface.

Methods of galvanizing metal structures at a price differ as well as technology. The most financially costly is thermal diffusion, and the budget – hot galvanizing.

The cost may be affected by the availability of certification of compliance with the results of processing GOST. The confirmation document can be issued immediately after the end of the corrosion protection process. But sometimes you want to check the density of the application of compounds and the quality of adhesion to the surface of the metal on their own, contact the appropriate company.

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