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Galvanizing of metal structures - price and cost ↓

Galvanizing of metal structures

Any material containing iron must be protected against corrosion. Man for many decades looking for the most profitable way of processing. The oldest technology is the technology of galvanizing of steel structures. The first zinc coating was carried out in France in the middle of the 18th century. A hundred years later, galvanizing was officially patented. The shops began to open all over the world. Russia was no exception.

Today galvanized metal products are used in many spheres of life. Household utensils – pots, pots, metal dishes definitely treated with zinc for durability. In urban construction, steel structures are used, which, being in the open air, are most susceptible to corrosion – stair railings, bridge supports, transport stops, sports grounds. Private construction often uses zinc-treated pipes, decking.

The use of galvanizing is invaluable. Ordinary electrical wires, not protected by zinc, become unusable after 5-7 years of use. With zinc coating their service life is about 50 years. There are several additional advantages:

  • low cost of galvanizing procedures with high reliability of results;
  • possibility of self-healing in case of minor injuries;
  • attractive appearance.

Galvanizing of metal structures - price and cost


  • hot dip galvanizing-immersing the steel part in molten and heated zinc up to 450 degrees. The method is most often used in industrial production. Hot-dip galvanizing allows to achieve the most reliable protection against corrosion. Zinc penetrates deeper into the structure of the material every year;
  • cold galvanizing. The method is not much different from the previous one. A mixture of 98% zinc dust is applied to the treated surface. This method of protection is considered one of the most reliable;
  • thermal diffusion allows zinc to cover the most difficult parts. The metal is placed in a special container. The product is sprayed with heated zinc vapor. When diffusion layer of zinc on the surface of the steel is as thin as possible. However, this method of corrosion protection of metal is the most expensive;
  • often used for decorative purposes galvanic galvanizing method. The coating is thin. The metal surface becomes blue,white or iridescent. Sometimes you can achieve a white matte surface. The reliability of corrosion protection when using electroplating is one of the lowest.

Regardless of the method chosen, it is important to properly prepare the part – clean it from oils, rust and other contaminants.

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