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Galvanizing in Perm - price per ton (from 22 000), kg and m2

Galvanizing in Perm

Galvanizing in Perm is not inferior to galvanizing in other regions of Russia. Indicators in the Perm region are not characterized by high prices, which makes galvanizing in the region cheaper, and therefore more accessible to all manufacturers, some of whom prefer to bypass this procedure by the side, considering it a waste of money.

But with the subsequent elimination of corrosion and damage, manufacturers will have to pay much more money. This man realized in the 18th century, when he invented galvanizing, which later became widespread around the world, extending the life of metals and more and more introducing them into people's lives.

Perm galvanized metal is also not inferior to the standard and galvanized products gives you the following benefits:

  • Resistance to oxygen and moisture;
  • Increased structural strength;
  • Corrosion and rust resistance;
  • Increased service life;
  • Resistance to temperature changes.

Galvanizing in Perm price from 22 000 per ton

It is also worth noting the efficiency and environmental friendliness of the galvanizing process, consisting of the following stages:

  • Alkaline degreasing, which removes organic impurities;
  • Thorough washing and removal of acid and fat residues;
  • Etching, where the metal is again immersed in a concentrated acidic medium for final cleaning of the product surface;
  • The next washing washes away all the acid and salt residues;
  • Glosowanie completely removes all the remaining malochislennye fats and gets passive a preparatory layer for the metal for the subsequent film of zinc;
  • The very hot galvanizing occurs in huge baths and depends on many factors: the rate of immersion in the solution, the time spent in the zinc product, the temperature of the zinc, etc;
  • The last stage is drying at room temperature;

After all the operations at the output, we get a strong and reliable metal product, which is sure to justify both the forces spent on the application of zinc, and all the invested funds.

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