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Galvanizing Ekaterinburg pipes and any metal

Galvanizing Ekaterinburg

Galvanizing of metal structures is not a new phenomenon in the industry, but many manufacturers still sometimes neglect this procedure.

The process of galvanizing the metal is not very complicated, but requires special careful and accurate implementation.

First of all, the metal is subjected to degreasing, which is usually used alkaline solutions or acid. This is followed by washing to remove fat residues and acid reagents.

The next step is etching. The structure is lowered into a concentrated solution of hydrochloric acid to remove rust and obtain a smooth smooth surface, which is necessary for better application of the zinc layer on the metal. Then again followed by washing the acid, but after it on the metal remain oxidation, which is removed by the next operation - the operation of fluxing, used for final cleaning of the metal surface. After the design is placed in a drying oven, where it is heated to 100 degrees.

Galvanizing of pipes Ekaterinburg

This is followed directly by the galvanizing itself, which requires compliance with a number of factors:

  • The time of immersion of the structure in zinc;
  • Dive speed;
  • Surface preparation;
  • The temperature of the zinc;

Metal is kept in solution from eight to ten minutes. After it is pulled out and sent back to the dryer, but at room temperature. And in the end, each product is tested to meet the requirements of GOST.

So why is galvanizing so necessary for metal? The metal structure that passes through the galvanizing has a number of advantages:

  • Corrosion and rust resistance;
  • Resistance to small scratches;
  • High thermal stability.

This technology ensures uniform distribution of a thin but reliable layer of zinc and, accordingly, the same protection of all cavities of the structure. Also, galvanizing in this way is one of the most economical and environmentally friendly processes in the industry. The zinc coating process is easily controlled and tested.

The use of galvanized structures is completely safe for humans.

Perhaps the process of galvanizing seems very difficult and time-consuming, but all the means justify the end result.

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