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Hot-dip galvanizing ❗ Cost per ton

Hot-dip galvanizing service cost

According to the opinion of some experts the dot-dip galvanizing as metal construction protection doesn’t bring economic benefit comparing to other methods of corrosion protection. Of course the galvanizing cost influences this point of view. However the last 20 years allowed to stabilize zinc price, to work out the technology and achieve the efficiency of protection that makes galvanizing a competitive process.

Galvanizing from 19 rubles per kg

The cost of hot-dip galvanizing is formed individually depending on a type and a size of product. The cost also includes preparation operations as degreasing, etching, rinsing and fluxing. Besides the additional holes, product cleaning and passivation of the structure can be previewed.

It worth noting that during last 5 years the cost of liquid painting and powder coating as corrosion protection has doubled although they require regular maintenance and renewal thus increasing operational costs.

The cost of galvanizing is reasonable!

Because of the increase of the cost of habitual corrosion protection systems and increase of financial costs of maintenance organization, the customer, choosing protection, takes into account the costs of operational period. Hot-dip galvanized steel products require no technical maintenance for the period of 15 years and that is why the primary cost is mainly the cost of the all lifetime of these products.

The calculation of the price of galvanizing takes into account the complexity, weight and quantity of products. In addition, the dimensions and type of product in combination with the process specifics have an impact on the costs calculation during galvanizing. For clarification and cost calculation of work you can contact our specialists.

Hot-dip galvanizing cost per ton

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