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Hot-dip galvanizing Yuzhnouralsk "Eskon"

To reliably protect metal products from corrosion, leading to the destruction of structures, hot-dip galvanizing of Yuzhnouralsk "Eskon"is used. This processing technique gives excellent strength and resistance to various mechanical influences. This method is quite economically justified. It provides for the coating of metal products with a layer of zinc. The resulting coating serves as a barrier not only to corrosion, but also to protect against the effects of electrochemical nature.

The service of hot-dip galvanizing of Yuzhnouralsk "Eskon" is offered at affordable prices. The resulting protective layer is characterized by high levels of protection and can, regardless of operating conditions, be maintained for 50-60 years. The metal structures processed by this method are used in different conditions, except for the alkaline medium of high acidity.

Advantages of hot dip galvanizing method

This technique has a lot of advantages, including:

  • possibility of processing of products of various configurations and forms;
  • obtaining a coating with a high ability to resist the effects of moisture and other liquids;
  • chance to hide defects under a protective layer;
  • simple equipment that you can quickly learn to handle;
  • no need for subsequent painting.

In this list of advantages there is one significant disadvantage of limiting the size of parts - containers with molten zinc have certain parameters.

Hot dip galvanizing ESCON

Technological nuances of the process

Hot-dip galvanizing is reduced to immersion of products in a zinc bath, which is heated to a temperature of 450°C. as a result, a coating of a four-layer durable zinc and iron alloy is formed on the metal surface. But previously requires special surface treatment-the profile of the enterprises carried out a series of chemical manipulations-products are immersed in s bath with certain components.

Degreasing – the surface and remove the oil film and dirt of different nature and origin. This is followed by washing, fluxing with ammonium chloride, drying. Galvanized parts are cooled and removed from the traverse, on which they are pre-hung.

Our company actively cooperates with the plant ”ESCON", so can offer the service at the most reasonable prices.

Work with professionals

We have brought the technology of hot-dip galvanizing to perfection and are rightly proud of it. They deserved an impeccable reputation, acquired a large base of loyal customers who are satisfied that they chose us as a reliable performer.

Leave a request for hot-dip galvanizing, and we will answer all your questions, discuss the terms of cooperation and be sure to find a mutually beneficial option. Trust our professionalism!

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