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Galvanizing brackets

Steel brackets are often used for fixing translucent facades. They protect the building from wind gusts, precipitation, give the facades a business look, do not allow direct ultraviolet rays to enter the room. Also, these structural components guarantee the walls of the building additional insulation.

Features of hot-dip galvanizing

These structures are constantly exposed to significant loads and negative effects. Therefore, it is important to ensure their strength and durability. This is especially true when it comes to brackets on the facades of swimming pools, dolphinariums, winter gardens, water parks, where high humidity and environment with increased aggressiveness. Fasteners are made of rolled steel (at least 4 mm thick-these are the standards of the manufacturer). For all its strength, steel is subject to corrosion processes. Some manufacturers cover parts with enamel or polymeric materials of different colors. But the most reliable and cost-effective is the plating of the brackets.

The technological process of galvanizing brackets on the EZI provides pre-treatment of the structure:

  • clean off the mill scale and burrs;
  • the surface is degreased;
  • removes all dirt and dust.

Galvanizing brackets

After that, they are hung on a steel wire and immersed in a bath with hot zinc melt.

This process allows you to create a thick layer of coating that adheres to the surface. When rising from the bath and during runoff zinc leaves stains that harden and remain in the form of icicles, surges. Our company always takes care of the aesthetic appearance of structures and carries out additional cleaning of brackets and tinting with zinc-containing paints.

There are still such methods of galvanizing:

  • cold;
  • thermal spray;
  • thermodiffusion.

Advantages of galvanized brackets

After galvanizing the EZI brackets become strong and reliable fastening elements. With their help, install heating systems and install air ducts. They resist loosening and provide a rigid fastening. We offer a wide range of sizes of such fasteners of different thickness and length. Their service life at industrial facilities is up to 35 years, in cities and suburbs - up to 40 years, in areas with a marine climate - up to 15 years. The service life increases the polymer coating, which can be prepared by us.

Work with professionals

We have brought the technology of hot-dip galvanizing to perfection and are rightly proud of it. They deserved an impeccable reputation, acquired a large base of loyal customers who are satisfied that they chose us as a reliable performer.

Leave a request for hot-dip galvanizing, and we will answer all your questions, discuss the terms of cooperation and be sure to find a mutually beneficial option. Trust our professionalism!

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