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Hot-dip galvanizing plant in Polevskoye

Hot-dip galvanizing plant Polevskoy

To date, the application of protective and anti-corrosion coatings on metal products is a fairly common procedure. There are a large number of methods of protection of metals, and the most popular technology is hot-dip galvanizing. Our hot-dip galvanizing plant (Polevskoy) offers its services in high-quality processing of metal parts with the use of liquid zinc melted to extremely high temperatures.

The need to perform hot dip galvanizing procedures

Hot-dip galvanizing can give metal structures increased reliability and resistance to various external influences, the formation of corrosion or rust, as well as premature failure due to damage. For example, salt precipitation over time affects the corrosion of metals, as well as the beginning of the destruction process. In order to avoid further troubles and extend the service life of the products, zinc carbonate is applied to the surface of the metal products. Specialists of our hot-dip galvanizing plant in G. Polevskoy receive a similar substance of gray color by performing several chemical reactions-the formation of zinc oxide with oxygen, and then its reaction with carbon dioxide, resulting in an anti-corrosion composition. To carry out the work requires heating up to 460 degrees, and placed it in a special bath, where then dipped metal parts. In addition, uniform galvanizing is ensured even when applied to small parts or bolts. After all these activities, the service life of metal structures is extended to 120 years.

Hot dip galvanizing plant in Polevskoye

The benefits of treatment to professionals

Although such work is considered quite common in industry and construction, the choice of Executive companies should be approached with full responsibility. Since the quality of work plays an important role in the subsequent operation of metal structures. Our company offers its services for the application of protective and anti-corrosion coatings by hot-dip galvanizing. Even the largest plants in the region trust us with such hard work. Long-term experience and professionalism of our employees allows to guarantee quality of performance of all actions. We use the high-quality equipment and stock conforming to the current state standards. In the process of processing all technologies are strictly observed and quality control is carried out at each stage.

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