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Hot-dip galvanizing plant in Kirov

Hot-dip galvanizing plant in Kirov

Any metal structure without proper treatment is exposed to various chemical processes that affect the strength. The greatest danger for both solid metal structures and individual elements is corrosion. The causes of its occurrence are quite a lot and untimely elimination of foci can lead to complete destruction.

Hot-dip galvanizing is one of the most reliable ways to prevent corrosion. Also modern technical means allow to get rid of already existing centers on different industrial alloys of metal. Hot-dip galvanizing plant (Kirov) uses the best technologies that fully meet the standards of Russian quality.

The benefits of galvanizing

The method of hot-dip galvanizing has existed for more than a hundred years. During all this time, various experts from around the world worked to improve the process. Works were not in vain and now this technology is leading in reliability and availability.

Each element is subjected to complex processing before applying zinc. In the process, workers carried out a full cleaning and degreasing of metal. This is important, because the presence of errors on the surface can make the material not resistant to processing and adversely affect all further work. In contrast to the preparatory stages, galvanizing itself is carried out quite quickly. In this case, the operating temperature can reach 450 degrees.

Fully equipped and operating in accordance with all GOST hot-dip galvanizing plant in Kirov daily processes a variety of metal structures, actively used in various fields. The largest part of the parts that are subject to this procedure in the future are used in private and industrial construction. Finished samples can maintain their reliability for up to 50 years, depending on the operating conditions.

It is noteworthy that the technology used now allows you to work even with small parts-bolts, washers. The applied coating does not affect the performance.

Hot-dip galvanizing plant in Kirov

Quality level of work

After all operations, the details are subject to careful study. In the process, our specialists use the methods of evaluation described in the GOST, checking the reliability of the zinc-treated coating. Cooperating with our company we can not doubt the high quality of all stages of galvanizing metal structures.

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