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Hot-dip galvanizing in "AK Bars" with "EZI" is performed quickly, efficiently and reliably

“AK Bars” hot-dip galvanizing - Naberezhnye Chelny

In order to provide metal products with reliable protection against corrosion, which can lead to irreversible damage, it is recommended to contact our company, which cooperates with “AK bars” - hot dip galvanizing (Naberezhnye Chelny). This is a service that is very popular due to the high quality and relatively affordable cost. The use of such a technique in compliance with the relevant technologies gives metal products increased strength and resistance to various external influences. This technology is fully justified from the point of view of the economy and provides for the application of a zinc layer on the surface of metal structures. As a result, the resulting coating is a quality protection against corrosion, mechanical damage and rust.

In "AK bars" hot dip galvanizing in Naberezhnye Chelny is a service that is offered at competitive prices. The protective coating protects the product from various influences, and significantly extends the life of the object up to 120 years. Metal structures treated in this way can be used under different conditions, withstanding even aggressive environment.

Advantages of application of hot-dip galvanizing technique

This technique is performed by professional experts, whose experience allows to guarantee high quality of work. Among the many advantages of applying zinc coating on metal products, the following items stand out:

  • Possibility of processing of metal products of various shapes, sizes and types;
  • The surface coated with hot zinc, gets a high moisture resistance and resists the negative effects of liquids;
  • The protective layer reliably hides visual defects;
  • Use of professional equipment and inventory that complies with applicable state standards;
  • No need for subsequent staining or other coatings.

Our company cooperates with many of the largest plants for the production of metal structures, which trust us so time-consuming work, because they are confident in the quality of the result.

Hot-dip galvanizing AK Bars

Features of hot-dip galvanizing technology

The essence of the work is that zinc, which reacts with oxygen, and then carbon dioxide, forms zinc carbonate. It melts at a temperature of 460 degrees Celsius, and then in the liquid state is poured into specialized durable bath. After, dip the inside of metal products processing requirements. This technique ensures uniform distribution of the protective layer and guarantees the reliability and strength of the metal during subsequent operation.

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