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Aesthetics of hot-dip galvanizing


Due to the possibility of coating with a powder layer of paint, galvanized parts are an ideal base material for any infrastructure elements.

A natural blend with the environment

For railway lines, electrical substations, which are found in the forest-field zone, it is important that the products were irresistible. In the environment, the galvanized coating becomes matte gray, which ensures its fusion with nature.

Design freedom

Flexibility and durability – those properties of galvanized steel, which sound in this article again. Because it is due to them with elements of such steel you can do anything: arches, various patterns and much more.

Duplex system

Not always matte gray coating can suit the buyer, in this case, come to the aid of powder coating, which is an additional layer to protect the metal from corrosion. Guaranteed increase in the protection of the Duo of paint and zinc coating 1.5-2 times, rather than using them separately. For example, the service life of the powder coating – 10 years, zinc – 70, together their suitability is about 120 years. These figures suggest that no maintenance for steel products is needed and you can forget forever the care of this kind of object.

Aesthetics of hot-dip galvanizing

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