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Hot-dip galvanizing ➕➖ Advantages and disadvantages

Hot-dip galvanizing. Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the large number of metal protection methods (galvanic, diffusion, gas dynamics, cold and hot galvanizing), the last two methods remain the most popular. Today we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of hot metal zinc treatment in comparison with other techniques.

As is known, the hot-dip galvanizing (HZ) is a reinforcement of steel with a thin layer of zinc by dipping the part into a tank filled with molten serpent. This method exists with the only purpose - to protect the metal from destruction. This approach has become widespread due to its reliability, durability and efficiency.

The advantages and disadvantages of hot-dip galvanizing


It worth considering the advantages of hot galvanizing in comparison with the most popular methods of metal treatment – painting and cold galvanizing. The advantages of hot galvanizing are:

  • Resistance to environmental impacts;
  • High maximum operating temperature (up to 665ºС);
  • Double corrosion protection - cathodic and barrier;
  • High coating strength (about 3600 psi);
  • High wear resistance;
  • Warranty period up to 75 years.

As you can see this method shows rather impressive quality indicators. Here are some disadvantages.


As in case of advantages the disadvantages are considered in comparison with the methods of metal treatment mentioned above:

  • Impossibility of metal treatment manually, industrially only;
  • Rather complex technological process;
  • Impossibility of galvanizing the element separately without dismantling it;
  • Deformation of thin structures because of heating;
  • Damaged coating cannot be repaired only the whole structure galvanization is required;
  • The transportation of structure to the treatment site is needed.

Even despite the insignificant disadvantages this method was previously and remains today one of the most relevant methods of metal treatment.

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