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Technology of hot-dip galvanizing of metal and metal structures

Hot-dip galvanizing technology

The hot-dip galvanizing technique involves immersing the metal structure in a zinc alloy. The most high-quality and affordable option is considered to be liquid phase, it is also characterized by maximum performance. The lower price is due to the simplicity of the method, as well as the use of inexpensive equipment.

Galvanizing of this kind is performed at high temperatures (from 430°C to 450°C). This is necessary to ensure that a sufficiently dense layer of zinc alloy is formed on the surface of the metal structure. The product is placed in the bathroom, where there is already liquid zinc, as a result of which after the interaction of the compositions on the surface layers are built up. Sometimes in some places you can notice blackness, these are the places where the zinc layer is not covered with metal, this is an acceptable deviation that does not affect the final quality of the product. But to cover was not only uniform, but also plastic, it is important to observe the features of the technology mentioned above.

Technology of hot-dip galvanizing of metal

Surface alignment

Smoothing devices, which include mechanical wipes, pneumatic units and loose equipment using a charcoal mixture, are necessary to ensure a uniform layer. It is thanks to such devices that can be made of asbestos, fiberglass and other materials that the formation of a zinc leak is completely eliminated.

Defects that can be formed during hot-dip galvanizing, significantly impair the properties and quality of the coating. The surface of the metal does not resist corrosion so well, due to which it is damaged over time. To avoid such problems, the surface of the treated material should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and grease, etched and washed in a cold and hot way.

Metal structures are used in the construction of various objects: bridges, industrial buildings, frames of buildings. They are used in many sectors of construction, so their quality depends on the final result. Hot-dip galvanizing method is the most effective in terms of surface protection, so it is widely used all over the world.

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