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Features of hot dip galvanizing

During the use of metal in the economy and everyday life, the main question arises about the protection of the material from aggressive environments. The main reason for premature failure of the product is the oxidation of metal or rust. To increase the service life of products, apply protective measures. Hot dip galvanizing metal is the main way in our time, although this method was invented in the middle ages, it is widely used now. The galvanizing process takes place in several stages:

  • Preparation;
  • Degreasing;
  • Etching;
  • Fluxing;
  • Galvanizing;
  • Check.

Each stage is important for a quality end result. It is necessary to strictly carry out the technological process to the metal was without flaws.

Hot-dip galvanizing features


This operation includes not only the receipt of metal, but also its cleaning from contamination. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface from dirt and dirt. It is necessary that at carrying out further actions with metal, everything was executed at the due level.


At this stage, the metal undergoes the process of removing organic contaminants from the surface. For this purpose it is dipped in an acid bath, which removes the dirt.


At this stage, the steel is placed in a bath where the surface of the material is covered with a protective layer and removes the remaining contamination. This layer will prevent the metal from getting oxide formation again before the galvanizing process. This is an important process before the final operation, because hot zinc can qualitatively enter into a connection with the metal only on a completely degreased and clean surface.


This is the final procedure of metal galvanizing. In a bath with hot zinc, the material is lowered for a certain time, where it is covered with a protective layer of zinc. The coating will play the role of protecting the metal from aggressive environments. Hot-dip galvanizing allows galvanizing products not only outside but also inside. Therefore, it is widely used in the manufacture of pipes of any diameter.


The final operation of galvanizing is the quality control of the coating. This test can only be carried out visually, as zinc does not react to the contaminated surface. Also, a special device, a magnetic meter, check the thickness of the coating, according to the specifications.

Advantages of hot-dip galvanizing of metal

Hot-dip galvanizing technology creates a barrier to metal corrosion by creating a layer of iron and zinc alloy. Cathodic protection, which protects the metal from oxidation, creates an obstacle to the preservation of iron material. Due to the dense coating, which is 250 kg / cm2, allows the metal to endure mechanical stress, as the biometallic layer is harder than the steel in the base. If the metal has been damaged, the action of zinc will restore the integrity of the surface.

In addition to cathodic protection, hot-dip galvanizing provides a diffusion process, that is, the coating becomes perpendicular to the metal surface, ensuring the same coating layer at the corners and edges of the flat surface of the material. Zinc coating becomes an obstacle to the formation of oxidative processes, creating a zinc patina.

Such features of metal galvanizing provide a long service life of products without additional maintenance.

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