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Galvanizing production processing metal constructions

Zinc production

To increase the service life of metal products, various activities are carried out that create a protective coating. It increases the service life by increasing resistance to various external negative factors. Zinc production is a complex task, which is performed only in accordance with GOST and on modern equipment. Specialists must accurately follow the process to give the metal products the necessary characteristics.

Galvanizing process

Metal galvanizing is considered to be the most popular and effective procedure for product protection. It creates a thin layer of zinc alloy. It prevents the penetration of oxygen and various products that are in an aggressive environment. This protective method gives the treated surface the following properties:

  • high strength;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • resistance to mechanical damage.

Zinc production

Main stages

The company "EZI" provides services for hot-dip galvanizing. Thanks to the established working process and the use of modern equipment, all stages of zinc production are carried out at the highest level. The technology includes the following stages:

  • Preparatory. Is the degreasing of metal surface with the etching in the special environment of acids. Often experts use the sulphur solution. As a result, an oxide film is formed on the surface. It will improve the adhesion of the metal to the applied zinc.
  • Application of zinc. At this stage, the dried product is lowered into a special bath with molten zinc, the temperature of which is from +450°C. the Procedure takes a few minutes. The longer the metal is in the bathroom, the greater the layer.
  • Drying. The metal structure is transported to a special drying chamber, where the solidification of zinc is carried out.

As a result, a dense film is formed on the metal. It has good hardness and toughness. The whole process is carried out only in specialized baths of different sizes. They are equipped with an electric current connection. The galvanizing process is carried out according to GOST 9.307-89. The thickness of the coating can be from 40 microns to 200 microns. In case of occurrence of zinc deposits on the surface, pneumatic or mechanical alignment is carried out.

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