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Hot-dip galvanizing tap

Hot-dip galvanizing tap

For a long time hot–dip galvanizing is one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways to protect the metal from corrosion. It consists in coating the metal with zinc. Zinc is not subject to corrosion, easily painted, conducts heat and electrical impulses. In addition, zinc has another unique property: the soft metal self-regenerates in places where micro-damage has been caused. Galvanized products are used everywhere: industry, construction, agriculture, almost no sphere of our life is complete without them.

Since not only small parts are galvanized, but also those that can not be processed manually, when installing the line on which hot – dip galvanizing will be performed, the crane is a mandatory element. Let's talk about what areas of production it is used.

Initially, the products are cleaned and machined, and then hung on special traverses. For hanging large items use overhead crane. In the future, it is also needed in order to move the traverses with the product to the site where the chemical surface treatment takes place. At this stage, the products are degreased with the help of special formulations. Then the crane will be required to immerse the traverse with the product in the etching bath. There, the metal will be cleaned of traces of rust and scale. Then by means of the crane products are washed and covered with a layer of flux.

Galvanizing itself can be divided into three stages:

  • Immersion in a bath of zinc;
  • Being in the bath for a certain time;
  • Extraction of zinc products.

The use of the crane in all three procedures is necessary. Moreover, the rate of immersion and removal of parts from the zinc bath affects the thickness of the zinc layer. This speed is carefully calculated for each product and it is almost impossible to observe it manually.

Thus, we see that the crane is an integral part of the hot – dip galvanizing line.

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We have brought the technology of hot-dip galvanizing to perfection and are rightly proud of it. They deserved an impeccable reputation, acquired a large base of loyal customers who are satisfied that they chose us as a reliable performer.

Leave a request for hot-dip galvanizing, and we will answer all your questions, discuss the terms of cooperation and be sure to find a mutually beneficial option. Trust our professionalism!

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