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Hot-dip galvanizing of metal structures

Every serious area that uses steel products (construction, production etc.) is interested in a rust prevention of metal structures. Hot-dip galvanizing is recognized as one of the best ways of corrosion protection of metal structures.

Today the surface treatment technology of metal structures and elements is the main activity area of “EZI” production company. In order to increase the lifetime of different metal structures the special anti-corrosion coating is applied. The procedure of application of such coatings allows to save great resources in metal use during a long lifetime.


  • Simplicity. It becomes easily available with us. Galvanizing of metal structures from 20 tons takes 3-5 days.
  • Low cost. Relative cost of hot-dip galvanizing (from 22 000 rubles per ton) and the term of structures useful life let say that technology gives 100% protection for 20 years minimum.
  • No fear of mechanical damages. There is no any surface rupture even in case of heavy bends or chips.
  • High quality indicators. Increased electrical and thermal conductivity due to the alloy on the product surface.
  • Lifetime. This surface is resistant even for the most aggressive conditions from -50 till +60, absence of hydrogen embrittlement.

Due to the vast experience of hot-dip galvanizing application for different types of products and structures as well as to the knowledge of every process technology we brought the service of galvanizing to perfection – the product is highly demanded among the clients and helps our partners to develop.

High level of galvanized metal structures realisation is the result of hot-dip galvanizing technology compliance, acceptable terms of order execution and optimal cost.

Our workshop and technology application

Production facilities, continuous supervision of our company’s professional staff and well organized logistic allows to spend less time for order execution as well as provide high quality product production.

Hot-dip galvanizing is applied for metal structures made of:

  • — low carbon steel;
  • — ordinary steel;
  • — construction steel.

Galvanizing process is applicable for various market areas:

  • Energy: power line supports, elements of supporting and supporting structures of electric power substations, towers.
  • Road construction: railings, fences, racks, constructions of bridges and pipelines, barriers and guides.
  • Communication: communication masts, transmitters and antennas, ground loop and strip.
  • Construction: large-size metal structures, panels, rails, beams, channel bars, corners, trusses, grids, frames, advertising structures elements.
  • Industry: suspensions, electrical products, air ducts.

Production stages

We provide a full warranty for the coating and protection of your products of any configuration and even if it doesn’t correspond to regulatory documentation GOST we can finalize it by ourselves.

Hot-dip galvanizing comprises the following stages:

  • — Incoming control defining the method of metal structure galvanizing;
  • — Preparation of external surface of elements for hot-dip galvanizing;
  • — Hot-dip galvanizing;
  • — Revision of various defects if there are any;
  • — Property analysis of finished coating in accordance with regulatory documentation GOST 9.307-89;

“EZI” production company is opened for multilateral partnership and undertakes responsibility for galvanizing of metal and metal products for companies from Ural Federal District (Ekaterinburg, Polyevskoy, Chelyabinsk, Tumen) and other regions of our country.

Your company is interested in hot-dip galvanizing of metal systems? We offer you to estimate the quality of the services and products of our company!

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